Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This weeks photo comes from me from the Knox-Monmouth rivalry football game. This year it was at Monmouth, but we still covered it because of its importance and because Monmouth is not that far away. It was a very cold day and actually started snowing during the game. Bring good gloves when shooting outdoors. cold weather freezes your hands very fast when taking photos. I struggled to keep taking photos during this game because my hands were close to being frozen. Also being on away turf you have to be able to take some verbal abuse. I was wearing purple gloves and the opposing fans quickly spotted me as being from Knox. Most of the time I just laughed at what they were saying, but it's important to stay focused on the assignment. In this photo you can see the struggle in the player's face. Also you see both motion with some blur, but also a sharp focus on most of the subject. Its a strong photo and has no noticeable issues to it.

It is just a bit over a month till I return to school and help work on the freshman issue of the Knox Student ( I am super excited about it. I am struggling to figure out what 70-200mm lens to buy, but I'll solve it one way or another.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Future

The future of photojournalism is not the brightest star in the sky. Print news is struggling at best. Many media sources are using viewer submitted photos. But we must keep professional photojournalism a thriving career because once we go all news print will die, online news will lose something and even news on the TV will be hurt. I know I've stated similar thing in the past, but this is an important topic.

This week's picture posed many difficulties. It was of a concert of two choirs and the Galesburg symphony. In a concert situation you can't take as many pictures as you want. You have to aim for loud moments so your camera's shutter isn't heard by the concert goers. I have only started to figure that out at this concert and will try my best to do the same in future assignments where my camera might cause a major distraction to attendees. Also the spot I was located required me to be on my knees for the whole concert. As you can see by the picture lighting was also an issue for this picture. There were spots of brightness and spots of dark. this was also amplified by the men wearing white and the women wearing black. You can see the top left corner is a spot of blown out white while only a row down you have a singer who is under exposed because she does not have a light on her. Also It was difficult to crop this picture to minimize the amount of head chopped in half. The cropping I did on this only has one head chopped in half. There are some hands that don't have bodies to go with them, but that is less of a problem. I remember that the cropping done to this picture for the paper removed the two trombones at the bottom of the picture. This frustrated me a bit because it helps show that it wasn't just a choir concert, but there was also a symphony.

The school year starts up in less than two months for almost everyone. I am excited to see that I have already found a few incoming freshman interested in taking photos for the paper. Next year will be busy with me trying to join my co photo editor and the managing editor with the creation of my own major similar to theirs. Also I will be applying for an internships at newspapers for next summer. The time in between will be filled with Jazz band, editing photos, and homework. It will be a busy year, but it will be filled with what I love.