Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Book

I just purchased a book from Half Price Books Called Photographer's Market 2008 edition. And it is full of freelance jobs and other places to make money with photography. This will hopefully help me pay for college with jobs I enjoy and help me further my skills during the times of the year when I am not working for the Knox Student. I haven't found anything yet in the book, but I found some interesting possibilities for next summer. Also in the same stream I helped an old high school friend with her senior photos on Sunday. It was fun, but I found it challenging to keep ideas on different spots and different poses coming. I like candid photography more, but I was still able to produce some nice pictures. She had planed, before I offered myself, to take pictures by herself with her point and shoot and the self timer. For the sake of her parents having nice photos to keep for a long time I volunteered to help. They turned out well and if they had a photo journalistic element I would put them up here but instead I have another picture from my farm project.

This weeks photo is of Kevin working on Kevin and his father's farm. In this photo he is checking the grain levels in the planter and deciding if he needs to add more. This picture shows an amazing blue sky that I just love about this photo. I wish I had my wide angle lens (which most likely I'll be getting for my birthday (Thank you Parents!)) for this picture. This picture has a very wide angle feeling to it. with the lid of the planter running from the top of the photo to the center. The one problem I would see with this photo is that the subject is very small. Nothing is blown out white or completely black in the shot which is a nice part ascetically.