Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Term

So spring is here. Sort of. It's still very cold, but spring is here. I am gad about next year's addition to The Knox Student's editor staff. Erin Daugherty will be joining me and she is super excited about learning. She comes in with a lot of photography knowledge, but lacking much digital and photojournalism knowledge. That doesn't scare me one bit because of her work ethic.

The 70-200mm lens was sent in on Monday and hopefully will be back on Monday. It's difficult to shoot sports with my 28-75mm being the longest lens.

I have started to write more articles and I will be writing a softball story this week and I'm glad to be doing it!

I also got a Cannon 7D. Its a whole new focus system and with my 3rd party lenses it isn't very reliable to get focus unless on the simple spot focus mode. But it still is a great improvement from my old camera. The ISO range is great even if theres a large amount of nose in the upper register. Also the ability to HD video is going to come in handy because of the growth of importance in multimedia in journalism.

I took a 200 level photojournalism course last term and for the final project I photographed the Knox baseball team. This involved a lot of indoor shots and a focus on emotions more than action. Unfortunately the shot i picked this time is more of an action shot.