Thursday, October 29, 2009


First I would like to say what I say in the post did not effect this weeks paper nor will it effect next weeks because the photos I published have already been chosen. Secondly I am very proud of the papers we have been putting out this year especially this weeks and last weeks. I would like to mention Matthew Wheaton who is doing a great job at pushing himself to produce a better sports section each week. It looks better every week. Also a big shout out to Evan Temchin who does so much work (some that goes unnoticed) each week. Without him we would have a crappy paper.

Now to the story that brought so much stress last night to the whole staff. Very late Monday night/Tuesday morning I e-mailed a director of a play that is showing this weekend if I could come take photos of a dress rehearsal to publish in the paper. He quickly replied that I could come either Tuesday or Wednesday. I sent him back an e-mail saying that I would be coming on Tuesday. I did, and I took pictures. I was told during the run through not to run photos of certain scenes. I listened but still took photos for the review since his reasoning was that he didn't want the play spoiled. Then a few hours later after I left the play when I was leaving the building after a jazz combo practice he stopped me and asked if I could e-mail all the pictures. I kindly asked him what for. He said to have (later I learned that he wanted to use them for his own promotion on Facebook and elsewhere. Also so he could chose the photos that we ran). I said no because I did not want to give him the rights to my photos and because of previous actions of this director last year with other photos for the paper.

He came into the publications office on Wednesday night. This part of the story is extremely long. It boils down some long arguments with him. We offered some concessions, but he refused. We talked it over with our advisor and decided to run my photo. I would like to publish a photo on my blog, but because of the controversy I will withhold to prevent him trying to press legal actions against me.

I love this photo though. I am sorry my good friend Alex Rauland who will most likely disagree with the quality of this photo. She did save the goal. This is a great picture because the focus is sharp on her and the Monmouth player is out of focus. This is good for our paper because we focus on Knox sports and don't have to have an unbiased photo to go along with the story. Theres a tiny bit of motion blur in the Monmouth player, but thats not a big deal since she is already out of focus. The fall foliage provides a wonderful backdrop to this photo. It shows that it is near the end of the season. I can think where some people would want a different angle to this photo, but I disagree because there is some unnoticeable space between the two players and you wouldn't have the goal net in the background.