Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This weeks photo comes from me from the Knox-Monmouth rivalry football game. This year it was at Monmouth, but we still covered it because of its importance and because Monmouth is not that far away. It was a very cold day and actually started snowing during the game. Bring good gloves when shooting outdoors. cold weather freezes your hands very fast when taking photos. I struggled to keep taking photos during this game because my hands were close to being frozen. Also being on away turf you have to be able to take some verbal abuse. I was wearing purple gloves and the opposing fans quickly spotted me as being from Knox. Most of the time I just laughed at what they were saying, but it's important to stay focused on the assignment. In this photo you can see the struggle in the player's face. Also you see both motion with some blur, but also a sharp focus on most of the subject. Its a strong photo and has no noticeable issues to it.

It is just a bit over a month till I return to school and help work on the freshman issue of the Knox Student ( I am super excited about it. I am struggling to figure out what 70-200mm lens to buy, but I'll solve it one way or another.


  1. I would take a second look at the cropping of this photo. It bothers me that the Monmouth players head is cut in half. Its a really tight crop job, which is ok, remember to look at every aspect of the frame. Otherwise, I remember that day. Poor little Liz froze to death!

  2. yeah I did notice his head... but for some reason I ignored it.. Not sure why... Thanks for that tip.