Monday, June 8, 2009

Denied Access

Yesterday I was denied access to the photographers' area at my high school's graduation. I was accepting and didn't put up a fight. This has unfortunately happened to me a few times. I was denied access to the rail yard in Galesburg recently also because I was seen as an average citizen instead of part of the press corps. This is a crappy feeling, but you can't get in fights because you are representing both the paper you are working for and yourself. You want to gain a positive representation of yourself.
This weeks photo is from a speaker who helped with Obama's campaign. This shows the need to always bring back a photo even if it's not the most interesting photo. I stayed at this speech the whole time to make sure I got a good photo. Sometimes you can't definitely if you are working for a big time paper and have many photo assignments to do. If you are allowed the time to be at an event don't leave it after you think you have a photo. Stay because you don't know what might happen that might create a strong photo or tell something that the written story didn't tell. This picture shows emotion, thought and it shows that he is giving a speech. Also at times you will be given photo assignments where the lighting may be poor or the conditions may be complete crap, but you must still bring back a photo.

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