Thursday, June 25, 2009

Importance of Photographers

Yes I know I will give a bias opinion on this subject because I am a photographer, but it is also a personal blog where I am allowed to share my opinion. When you go on assignment for a newspaper you can't have a bias towards or against the event. You must lock it away or better let someone without a bias take that assignment.

To get back on the topic. We must always have photographers because they record the history and are able to show that moment quicker than reading a story. Also for a newspaper they are important because they add to a story and many people lack the time or attention span to read full stories and just skim over pictures. With a good picture they should be able to see a story.

The photo this week has many issues. It is blurry mainly, but it tells a strong story and has a strange connection. It was a co-founder of Food Not Bombs speaking at Knox college. You can see he is speaking unfortunately lighting was very poor and he was moving. but the Che poster and Malcolm X poster add to this photo. The speaker is seen as a leftist and Che is a very popular communist revolutionary. Malcolm X is an extremist and the speaker has been seen by many in government as an extremist. I do not believe this photo was published, but I hopefully will be able to take pictures in lower light situations next year and will be able to produce pictures like this, but with less motion blur.


  1. I think it's okay for people to have a bias.

  2. Its okay for people to have bias but you must keep it out of journalism because it hinders your ability to truthfully tell a story